Ahead of France, Paris to phase out internal-combustion engines by 2030

Plans to phase out internal combustion vehicles by foreign cities and countries have recently prompted calls for similar action in the U.S.; California governor Jerry Brown has called for the state to phase out sales of gas- and diesel-engined cars before the 2040 targets announced by France and the United Kingdom, citing China's commitment to bring about the same ban far sooner. It's not the only developed country that has such plans, as the Dutch also plan to ban all fossil fuel cars by 2030, and China already stated it would ban petrol cars 'in the near future'.

"This is about planning for the long term with a strategy that will reduce greenhouse gases", transport official Christophe Najdovski told France Info radio, according to a report from Reuters.

Despite the associated carbon footprint with electric cars-charging electric cars still requires fossil fuels-the overall amount of carbon production associated with electric cars is a fraction of the carbon dioxide and other gases diesel or gasoline cars emit. Parts of the city have "no-car zones", and the city even hosts an entire day when cars aren't permitted within the 40-square-mile area that Paris covers. City dwellers there rely heavily on public transportation and heavily utilize bike sharing networks and scooters. Electric cars will not be affected by the ban. The deadline for those cars is 2024, which is when the city will play host to the Olympic games.

California state Assemblyman Phil Ting plans to introduce a new bill to ban fossil-fuel-powered cars by 2040.

In its latest initiative to reduce air pollution, Paris City Hall wants gasoline-powered cars off the roads by 2030.

As a whole, France will provide financial assistance to buyers, which will allow them to trade in older cars with combustion engines for newer, zero-emission vehicles.

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