Al Michaels sorry for comparing New York Giants' form to Harvey Weinstein

VIDEO: Al Michaels Dropped a Harvey Weinstein Joke on Sunday Night Football, Apologized

Al Michaels cracks Harvey Weinstein joke on 'SNF'

While true that the Giants have had a awful season leading up to their 23-10 win vs. Denver, it is of course not comparable to the Weinstein controversy.

"I mean, let's face it".

"All you have to do is read the papers".

Some jokes can be a little too soon.

Lisa Guerrero, an investigative journalist, wrote: 'Must be amusing UNLESS YOU HAVE ACTUALLY BEEN A VICTIM OF ASSAULT'.

Meanwhile Colleen Wolfe, an National Football League host and reporter in Los Angeles, said: 'I didn't just hear Al Michaels say the Giants are coming off a worse week than Harvey Weinstein. Did that really just happen?

"Sorry I made a reference earlier", the 72-year-old broadcaster said.

Michaels apologized for the remark later in the broadcast, saying the joke was "not meant in that manner... so my apologies". "So, my apologies, and we'll just leave it at that".

Michaels was widely criticised on social media for his comments, and later in the broadcast apologised.

Well, Michaels compared the Giants' situation to the last week of Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, and that was a bad idea.

The jokes by SNL and Michaels came after a week in which the show conspicuously ignored the Weinstein story in its previous episode and NBC News was criticized for passing on the bombshell story on the disgraced movie producer by NBC contributor Ronan Farrow, who took it the New Yorker instead. I was not trying to make light of Harvey's inexcusable behavior but to shame him, the abuser, not his victims.

Weinstein is the co-founder of Miramax Films and was sacked by his company amid multiple allegations of sexual assault, harassment and rape.

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