Battle between smart speakers intensify as Amazon Echo gets voice recognition feature

Amazon drops Echo Show price after You Tube falloutMore

Amazon drops Echo Show price after You Tube falloutMore

The Echo Show, which unlike the standard Amazon Echo smart speaker features a display through which you can make video calls and view content (just not YouTube videos), now costs $199.99 on Amazon.

Now, as TechCrunch first noticed, this has been rectified.

Following set up, custom voice profiles should work across other Amazon Echo devices, plus "most" third-party Alexa supported devices. Setting the new feature up requires the user to register their voice, and once registered you can sync it with Amazon account preferences.

The Echo Show, which was announced back in May, is now on sale on Amazon. For example, once the device is able to tell someone's voice apart, it will automatically help the person to perform various tasks.

In order to enable this new feature on your Alexa-equipped device, you have to set up a voice profile. Other family members can train Alexa on their voices using the Alexa app and by signing in with the Amazon account used to set up the Alexa device.

The Voice Profiles feature gives you the ability to teach Alexa the sound of your voice. TechCrunch also reports that Amazon is planning to "add unspecified functionality" soon, and that Alexa will "get smarter".

In any case, we are just happy that the e-commerce giant has finally chose to add this much-awaited feature to Alexa.

The new feature is now rolling out for the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show devices, but eventually, all users of Alexa-enabled devices (including those made by third-parties) should be able to take advantage of this new ability. (AMZN) is seen as the clear victor, with an estimated 68% of smart speakers sold this year expected to run on its Alexa technology.

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