Blackberry Motion with FullView Display: Goodbye Krypton


Blackberry Motion with FullView Display: Goodbye Krypton

It is then rumored to be called as Blackberry Krypton.

According to the various leaks, we know so far that the BlackBerry Motion will run on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor paired with 4BG RAM. The picture also suggests that the smartphone will have the 3.5mm audio jack.

A home button with Blackberry logo can be seen from the image, while there are no side bezels on the device, the bottom bezel looks uncomfortably big and outdated.

BlackBerry has recently collaborated with the Chinese tech firm TCL and thus the BlackBerry Motion will be designed and manufactured by TCL.

The display will be coming with Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) display.

Separately, a report from Engadget states that the phone would get the IP67 rating and the battery will run for almost 26 hours "mixed use". The device is also expected to exhibit a stellar battery life of 26 hours.

The BlackBerry Motion is reportedly the BlackBerry Krypton which has been speculated for long. There is no physical keyboard on the BlackBerry Motion, either built into the bottom or as a slide-out accessory. Thankfully, the image reveals a little bit of info such as the fact that it's an all-touch smartphone, unlike the KEYone which features a QWERTY keyboard. Yet in terms of BlackBerry Motion very reminiscent of the last Google Pixel 2, which was submitted two days ago.

We have been getting several rumors just after the IFA 2017 and a few weeks back there was an image leaked claiming to be the upcoming BlackBerry "Krypton" that revealed a smaller camera module and a polished metal bar at the top.

BlackBerry was one of the most iconic smartphone brands across the globe, but the company gradually lost its sheen when it got too adamant (MAYBE "RESISTANT" IS BETTER HERE?) to change with the changing times.

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