Can Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Bench a 'Disrespectful' Player?

Can Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Bench a 'Disrespectful' Player?

Can Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Bench a 'Disrespectful' Player?

The owner of the NFL's Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones, has warned his players that anyone who protests during the pre-game National Anthem will not be allowed play.

Trump in a tweet wrote, "A big salute to Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, who will BENCH players who disrespect our Flag."Stand for Anthem or sit for game!..." "Understand? We will not ... if we are disrespecting the flag, then we will not play".

"If there's anything that is disrespectful to the flag, then we will not play", Jones said. (Christian Petersen/Getty Images) Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones stands on the field prior to Super Bowl 51 at NRG Stadium.

Jones said he did not see two Cowboys players, Damontre Moore and David Irving, raise their fists as the anthem concluded Sunday.

The NFL Players Association released a statement Sunday that its members "are union members and part of the labor movement that has woven the fabric of America for generations", adding, "Our men and their families are also conscientious Americans who continue to be forces for good through our communities and some have chose to use their platform to peacefully raise awareness to issues that deserve attention". During the anthem, the Jones family stood arm-in-arm with the players. "We made our expression".

Asked whether the Cowboys' owner's mandate puts him in an uncomfortable position, Garrett said: "You can ask Mr. Jones those questions".

Players across almost every professional league have stepped up the "take a knee" movement in response to U.S. President Donald Trump's attacks on players, calling them sons of bitches in one tweet.

The topic was raised after Vice President Mike Pence left Sunday's game between the Indianapolis Colts and San Francisco 49ers after more than 20 Niners knelt during the national anthem with their hands over their hearts, as was the case the previous week.? Jones and the rest of the Cowboys stood and returned to their sideline and remained standing for the anthem. Smith also said that "no player is disrespecting our country or our flag" by protesting during the national anthem. "I think we've had great communication with our players in terms of the way to do things in terms of how we can certainly have respect and be sensitive to the things that they're faced with as we did in Arizona", he said.

"Trump has made [standing for the anthem] about patriotism", Ross added. It's a different dialogue. I know what he thinks. Then, they locked arms and stood while Jordin Sparks sang the national anthem. "They don't think it's disrespecting the flag".

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