Child's body found near home of missing 3-year-old in Texas

An amber alert for Sherin Mathews 3 has been discontinued who went missing when her father Wesley Mathews 37 placed her outside at 3 AM as a punishment for not drinking milk

Child's body found near home of missing 3-year-old in Texas

Sherin Mathews was adopted about two years ago from an orphanage in India, where she was found to be malnourished and underdeveloped, The Dallas Morning News noted.

Police are awaiting confirmation from the medical examiner on the identity of the body that was found. As part of his release, the court says he can not have contact with any minor child. No arrests have yet been made in connection with the discovery.

The cause of death for the body has yet to be determined. He told the police he had returned to the house and "did a load of laundry" as he was not too anxious. "So until we have a positive identification we are not going to say it is Sherin".

Mathews was arrested the day his foster daughter went missing for child endangerment and was later released on bond.

Sherin's adoptive father, Wesley Mathews, was charged with abandoning or endangering a child after he told police he told her to go stand outside in an alleyway in the late hours of the night.

Mathews told police that he had seen coyotes in the alley near where he told his daughter to stand, the affidavit said. He has said that when he looked outside 15 minutes later, she was gone. But instead of looking for her, he said he went back inside to do laundry and wait until it got lighter out to look for her or until she came back on her own. Mathews, however, did not contact police for five hours after finding that the child was missing.

Texas Child Protective Services took a 4-year-old from the home days after the incident, Perlich added to the AP.

The affidavit mentioned that the father was not too anxious and did a load of laundry and waited until after sunrise to report her disappearance to police.

During the search for Sherin, police used drones and found some "articles" in a field and a creek in Richardson, but they haven't said whether or not they are actually evidence in this case. Police also seized various items in the family's home and vehicles during the investigation.

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