Delhi Assembly passes Regularisation of Services of Guest Teachers 2017, Bill

LG approves Delhi government's higher education loan scheme

Delhi Assembly passes Regularisation of Services of Guest Teachers 2017, Bill

On Tuesday, Baijal had said that the bill was "beyond the legislative competence" of the assembly and asked Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to reconsider its introduction in the house. Having clashed with Baijal on several issues and accusing his office of leaking reports to the media, CM Kejriwal has now accused Baijal of "opposing" a bill to regularise the jobs of 15,000 guest teachers in Delhi.

Following three hours of discussion after deputy CM Manish Sisodia, also educa tion minister, presented the bill, Kejriwal stood up to reply to the debate. What is that that the LG is hiding?

Sisodia affirmed that the Bill was introduced after due legal consultations and wondered why the LG was objecting to it when he had cleared the government's proposal to regularise the services of around 150 Kashmiri migrant teachers employed in the city's schools on a contractual basis since 1994.

"Is there any state secret in these files and we look like terrorists and you worry that if we get this secret we'll do something with it?" Kejriwal, while speaking at a day-long session of the Delhi Assembly, launched an attack against the LG, BJP and the bureaucracy, which even prompted a walk-out by the opposition.

The Bill, which was approved by the Delhi Cabinet last week, seeks to regularise 15,000 guest teachers in Delhi government schools. "As a responsible opposition we will not allow them to do so", he added. The country is run on democracy, not bureaucracy.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal speaks during the special session of the Delhi Vidhan Sabha in New Delhi on Wednesday.

Tiwari said Kejriwal had become a "big problem" for Delhi. We are Delhi's masters. The BJP demanded that the government should immediately appoint 18,000 teachers and the rest 17,000 guest teachers should be allowed to continue.

"The foundation of the Bill is flawed. Recruitments and appointments of teachers can not be treated separately", he said.

Reacting to Gupta's objection, Kejriwal said that through his offer of an instant dialogue, he wanted to expose the "hollowness" of the opposition. "If you're men, come face to face and do politics", Kejriwal said.

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