Facebook launches Messenger Lite in US, UK, Canada & Ireland

Facebook launches Messenger Lite in US, UK, Canada & Ireland

Facebook launches Messenger Lite in US, UK, Canada & Ireland

Now, however, Facebook is making Messenger Lite available to their major developed areas, after noticing how many USA users have been side-loading the app onto their mobiles as a cheap way to cut down on their data plan use.

You won't be able to use all the other features of Messenger (some of which are actually pretty great, IMO), but you'll still get the basic chat functionality, which is what the Messenger app is supposed to be about to begin with.

Weighing in at just 10MB, Messenger Lite offers the fore Messenger experience without all of the unnecessary bloat. The company assumed much more attractiveness of the new application in teens as one can respond faster to a message instead of SMS or iMessage or snapchat.

The application has 50+ million downloads now, showing that it has been a hit in the countries it launched. The app is ideal for those who use basic Android smartphones, as messenger Lite app will use up fewer resources.

There are now no plans for an iOS version. Previously, the app was available in more than 100 developing countries.

Messenger Lite does not support video calls, Messenger Day, selfie lenses, games, and other features that are not critical to the objective of the app, which is to enable basic communication between users. You can download the messenger from here.

There is already a "Facebook Lite" available for people whose phones are too old or simple to run the full-fledged Facebook. But, the expansion of the app to Facebook's top developed markets mean that people who want to save data charges like teenagers can take advantage of the app. It rolled out first to five countries, namely Kenya, Tunisia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Venezuela. That is why Facebook has introduced a new "Lite" version of the Messenger app for #Android. The app has its own personal assistant, and now every time you open it you're also hit in the face with all your friend's Stories.

Mr Marcus said people use the apps for different reasons and they are not in direct competition.

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