Facebook Messenger Lite is finally rolling out to the US

Facebook Messenger Lite is finally rolling out to the US

Facebook Messenger Lite is finally rolling out to the US

The launch of the Messenger Lite app in the United States, however, is a short reprieve from the issue that Facebook is handling right now.

Facebook has rolled out its Messenger Lite app to users in US, UK, Canada and Ireland.

The Messenger Lite was first launched in October, 2016 for Kenya, Tunisia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Venezuela. The app is ideal for those who use basic Android smartphones, as messenger Lite app will use up fewer resources. Facebook hasn't revealed if the app will make it to Apple hardware.

Since it's dealing with smaller amounts of data, messages within the Lite app will load faster and you'll be more likely to get them in places with spotty or slow connectivity. The app has its own personal assistant, and now every time you open it you're also hit in the face with all your friend's Stories.

Now, the new turnout could help Facebook to bring teens back to both traditional and Lite Messenger. The download size alone shows the commitment to keeping the app's footprint low. The senior officials also told that the app would utilize much less data connection as matched to other social networking sites or applications. It was a stripped down version of the Facebook Messenger and it comes out without all the unwanted features such as games and other Messenger specific tools.

Launched October previous year, Messenger Lite packed only the bare necessities for Messenger users to be able to connect with their friends.

Mr Marcus said people use the apps for different reasons and they are not in direct competition.

Still this is a good thing, because people have to deal with data limits in developed countries as well.

The Messenger Lite, however, offers the reverse. The new Lite is available on play store in these four countries.

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