FBI Releases Sketches Of Sherri Papini's Suspected Captors; 911 Call Also Released

FBI Releases Sketches Of Sherri Papini's Suspected Captors; 911 Call Also Released

FBI Releases Sketches Of Sherri Papini's Suspected Captors; 911 Call Also Released

Officials said the abductors branded her with a message before she was released. last year, her husband told "Good Morning America" that the suspects may have been trying to humiliate Papini by cutting off her long blonde hair and branding her. Bosenko declined to elaborate on the branding, saying only that it was a message, not a symbol.

CBS 5 reports that "more than 20 search warrants were executed in the effort to determine Sherri's whereabouts", and both Papini and her husband Keith passed polygraph exams.

During her alleged abduction, Papini told investigators she got into an altercation with the younger abductor in the bathroom when she was allowed to shower, Jackson says.

Among the details included in the sheriff's press release: Sherri Papini had been "texting with a male acquaintance from MI".

Her cellphone and headphones were found near where she had last been seen, about 1.6km from her home, investigators said.

Any new details from the sheriff's office were not made public.

The incident was so traumatic that it's only now that Papini, who has been living as a recluse since her abduction, has been able to describe her attackers to a forensic sketch artist.

Per the Record Searchlight, Sherri had been texting with a male acquaintance from MI prior to her disappearance and they had planned to meet up when he was in California.

She was taken to Woodland Memorial Hospital where investigators took swabs for DNA and photographed her injuries, which included a broken nose and a brand on her right shoulder.

Investigators have also ruled out some of the hundreds of leads they have received over the a year ago.

Papini described her abductors as two Hispanic women. They also found female DNA on her that didn't match Papini.

Sherri Papini is shown in a photo released by the Shasta County Sheriff's Office on November 3, 2016.

The Shasta County Sheriff's Office also revealed yesterday that Ms Papini had been involved in a texting relationship with a MI man before her disappearance.

Her long blond hair had been "chopped" off, she was "emaciated" and covered in "multicolored bruises, severe burns, red rashes and chain markings", Keith wrote in a statement following their reunion.

In a statement released to the Record Searchlight Wednesday evening, Keith thanked all the people who have supported the Papini family over the a year ago.

The Shasta County Sheriff's Office provided an update to their investigation on October 25, 2017. "Just on the facts that we know it doesn't seem to be a sex trafficking or a sexual abduction in nature, and that is what we are trying to figure out: What was the objective?" he says. "Your well wishes have helped beyond measure", he wrote. "We are working on trying to solidify information and that is why we are working on the sketches with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and hopefully somebody will be able to recognize the females in those and provide us with concrete information so we can move forward and get some people in custody".

"This has been an extraordinarily hard time for our entire family".

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