Google finally begins integrating Duo video calling into Android

Apple can give you up to $375 for an iPhone 7

Apple can give you up to $375 for an iPhone 7

With the new initiative, Android phone users will now be able to make video calls directly from were their call or message. But other previously Pixel-series exclusive apps and features, such as the Google Assistant, were eventually released for other Android devices as well as so there is definitely hope that everyone running an Android phone could potentially use the real-live translation feature of the Buds.

Google Duo's video-calling feature will be integrated into the Phone, Contacts and the Messaging apps on Android system, according to a new post from Google. The functionality lets you start a video call directly from three core apps: Android Messages, Contacts, and Phone.

Additionally, there's a new Pixel 2 Cityscape wallpaper, but you'll need a Pixel or Pixel XL to access that one. Though of course, the app is pre-installed in several Android phones. When the video call is placed, it'll go through your carrier's ViLTE service (video over LTE). Earlier this year Google Duo added support for the voice call. "We're working with our carrier and device partners to bring this experience to more Android devices over time", wrote product manager Jan Jedrzejowicz.

However, that's never really been the case with Android, with Google's Hangouts and Duo apps failing to offer the same levels of integration. The Google Play Store version 8.3.41 hinted to have many new features such as quick install, the addition of cookbooks and much more.

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