Google Home Introduces Multi-user Functions With Voice Match

Google Home Mini comes in three colours charcoal coral and chalk

Google Home Mini comes in three colours charcoal coral and chalk

In short, Google is pushing all of its smart home products, including those developed by Nest, to feel like one natural and cohesive whole.

Amazon had also announced something similar for its Echo speaker line last week. One phrase will basically be able to turn on the lights, roll up a window shade, read the news for you and even start boiling water.

Ever since the original Google Home launched, Google has marketed the device as the flawless home companion - a device that can help the whole family with searches, schedules, recipes, alarm clocks, music playback, et cetera. If you interface your Spotify and make it the default player on Google Assistant, you won't need to state "on Spotify" toward the finish of your voice command. This implies you can utilize your voice to control Spotify on any Google Assistant-bolstered gadget. With a Nest Cam, you will be able to tell Google Home to stream feed to your TV with the help of Chromecast. In this case, telling your Home "where's my phone" will ping the nearest Android device paired with your Google account.

Recognising multiple users also allows Google to include a phone dialer into Google Home.

The new feature has been created to make a profile out of your voice's pitch and tone and differentiate it from the rest of the household. However, owners of the regular Google Home should be happy to know that their home device is about to get more feature rich than ever, thanks to a series of updates announced at Google's event today. The concept is simple but very unique in its own way.

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