Google removes 'Watches' category from its online store

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How to switch Google Assistant's voice to male

Let's take a look at some of the more significant improvements to Google's own AI assistant announced at the Made By Google event. There is an inclination towards smart assistants among different platforms as Cortana, Siri and Google Assistant all started with female voice assistants.

Though it would be quite the scandal if Google had quietly dropped Android Wear while we were all dazzled by the lights of its product releases yesterday, this probably isn't the case. Changing the voice of Assistant here will change its voice across all your devices. The Android already has an option to summon the Google Assistant by long pressing the Home button. But before you go wild about that, it's actually not a standalone app for Assistant. Try to do so, and you'll receive a message saying that the app is incompatible with your device. Throughout the course of the event, various titbits of information on upgrades to Google Assistant were dropped in each presentation. But for the time being the future of Android Wear is uncertain, beyond the Android Wear app remaining up-and-running in the Play Store.

As mentioned by a report from Tech Crunch, the new update has not hit all Google Assistant-compatible devices just yet, and should be rolling out gradually across the world to supported handsets and devices.

The Google Assistant now has a new voice.

Your device must still meet the requirements in order to use the Google Assistant (Google Search v7.11 or higher and minimum memory requirements). As in the changelog Google notes, this is its first release of Google Assistant and so likely it will continue for updating the app. Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand were added to the country picker, and will assumedly soon be able to access the Google Store to purchase products officially and directly from Google.

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