Houses Passes Ban on Abortion After 20 Weeks of Pregnancy

Houses Passes Ban on Abortion After 20 Weeks of Pregnancy

Houses Passes Ban on Abortion After 20 Weeks of Pregnancy

President Donald Trump is prepared to sign a late-term abortion ban, which the House passed Tuesday evening, if the Senate follows suit.

The vote comes after the House adopted the rules governing the Pain-Capable Unborn Protection Act in a 233-287 vote earlier Tuesday afternoon. Support in the Senate could be a tougher fight.

In his own statement, House Majority leader Kevin McCarthy said the new bill "will protect those children who science has proven can feel pain, and give them a chance to grow and live full and happy lives".

The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (H.R. 36) protects pre-born babies 20 weeks and older from being killed in abortions because they feel pain.

On Monday, the White House quietly backed a bill that would close the window of time for legal abortions in the USA, though medical evidence behind the proposed change is scarce.

"We hold that every child, from conception onward, deserves love and the protection of the law".

Franks' bill enjoyed the support of fellow conservatives in the GOP conference and from the influential Susan B. Anthony List pro-life group.

Although the White House has voiced support of the bill, its future in the upper chamber of the Senate is uncertain. This bill could "bring about a life-affirming culture because we protect these lives under the law", Quigley said. "The United States stands among only a handful of nations that permit elective abortions after 20 weeks".

If H.R. 36 were presented to the President in its current form, his advisors would recommend that he sign the bill into law. When will we honestly look at the repercussions of our more than 40 years of abortion legality, with 60 million unborn babies dead and countless numbers of mothers, fathers, and others suffering? "They need points on the board, no doubt". Representative Tim Murphy of Pennsylvania, despite today's allegations (which he has yet to deny) that he encouraged an extramarital lover to have an abortion, voted for the ban.

"Abortion after twenty weeks of pregnancy is rare and nearly always medically complicated".

Requires the physician to first determine the probable post-fertilization age of the unborn child, or reasonably rely upon such a determination made by another physician, by making inquiries of the pregnant woman and performing such medical examinations and tests as a reasonably prudent physician would consider necessary.

Sixty percent support federal legislation limiting abortion after 20 weeks, while only 33 percent oppose it, according to a Quinnipiac Poll.

The Democrat Party issued a statement, blasting the bill as "nothing but another shameful attack on women's rights and public health".

"This unsafe, out-of-touch legislation is nothing more than yet another attempt to restrict women's access to safe, legal abortion", Planned Parenthood Action Fund said in an online statement.

Democrats rejected that. The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has said fetuses can not experience pain before at least 24 weeks of development. (The) 20-week bans criminalize doctors. They're looking for women's health all the way through. Initially, Democrats proposed a pretty comprehensive health care program for all USA citizens.

"So I've had subsequent conversations with [Trump] on the issue of abortion".

Why 20 weeks, specifically? "And to say that you're making it better for women by making it harder for women is just a non-starter". PPAF also writes, "20-week bans are unconstitutional".

The results showed that more than half of the women affected were black while one-fourth were white. The second-highest rate is less than half of that - 9.2 per every 100,000 women in the United Kingdom.

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