Instagram expands new features including polls and shoppable photos

You Might Soon Be Able To Share Your Instagram Stories To Your Facebook Stories

Now share Instagram Stories to Facebook

Previously, if you wanted to share the same Story to Instagram and Facebook, you'd have had to record it on one of the apps, save the post and then publish it twice. "We're always working to make it easier to share any moment with the people who matter to you" as told by a Facebook spokesperson.

While the Stories feature on Facebook failed to gain much traction with people rarely using it, it was a huge success on Instagram. It could also help Facebook Stories gain traction.

After being tested in Portugal last month, the feature appeared for US users soon after and Facebook has this week confirmed it will be rolled out globally. Like other Instagram Stories, polls disappear after 24 hours.

However, unlike Twitter's voting polls, the Instagram user can actually see who has voted on their Stories.

Instagram the photo-sharing app, was bought by the social media giant Facebook in 2013 for $1 billion, and since then the two apps have had constant links to each other.

Facebook has been aggressively pushing Stories onto all of its platforms. Facebook's own Stories feature has been slower to take off.

Initially, users could only share to friends or groups of friends. After it started gaining widespread popularity in the beginning of 2017, they released the Stories feature onto Facebook too. But its safe to say that this feature might be included in future updates.

Having said that, one advantage of being able to share Instagram Stories directly on Facebook is that it would save time as users won't have to manually keep uploading it on Facebook.

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