Iran strongly condemns terrorist blast in Pakistan

Iran strongly condemns terrorist blast in Pakistan

Iran strongly condemns terrorist blast in Pakistan

A police officer apprehended the bomber at the entrance to the Sufi shrine and was among those killed, but his heroic action reduced the number of casualties, Balochistan home minister Sarfraz Bugti told Reuters.

According to police officials, a suicide bomber blew himself up at the Sufi shrine, Dargah Fatehpur in the Jhal Magsi district of Balochistan that was packed with devotees.

The blast occurred as Muslims attended annual celebrations of a local saint.

Yesterday's attack is the second major strike at a shrine in Balochistan where in November 2016, at least 52 people were killed and 102 injured in a blast at the shrine of Shah Norani in Khuzdar district.

Harifal said the seriously injured patients were being airlifted to southern Sindh province in the absence of adequate medical facilities in restive Balochistan.

Minority Islamic groups in the province are routinely attacked by militant outfits including Islamic State, which has claimed responsibility for several bombings.

He stressed the need for vigilance and attempt to preserve unity between the neighboring country's government and nation in a bid to continue the battle against terrorists and to eliminate violence from the region.

Ghafoor did not disclose the names of the foreign agencies or their origin but added that "no organised infrastructure of any terrorist outfit exists anywhere in Pakistan now".

He expressed sympathy with the Pakistani government, people and the families of the victims. However, Islamic militants have also carried out scores of attacks in the province.

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