Is an Arcade Edition enough to 'save' Street Fighter V?

Is an Arcade Edition enough to 'save' Street Fighter V?

Is an Arcade Edition enough to 'save' Street Fighter V?

Capcom realizes those people might have some catching up to do, so the publisher announced Thursday morning that it would release Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. A cinematic story mode, in which players take control of different characters and fight single-round matches, was added in a free update in June 2016. Extra battle - complete timed challenges to obtain exclusive costumes throughout 2018 4.

A listing for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition (the second such retailer listing in as many months) includes a rundown of new features coming to the game, including an Arcade mode that will let players "choose from six different paths themed after classic Street Fighter games". New v-triggers - each character will have two v-triggers, adding, even more, depth to the combat system 5.

If you've been wanting to get back into Street Fighter V, then this may interest you.

Players will be able to get their hands on the game starting January 16, 2018.

CAPCOM Street Fighter V Arcade Edition: Should fans be angry with Capcom's new release? You don't have to put any time online in order to fill out the roster, but you do have to commit hours of your life to the game in order to acquire them.

Other files that were data-mined have implied the possibility of an arcade mode for the game. It will be $39.99 for people who purchase it, while people who already own Street Fighter V will receive all of its new content as a free in-game update. Dividing the game's player base is never a good thing, and it's great to hear that that won't be happening with this new version.

This is all to say that while Street Fighter V certainly wasn't a bad outing for the series, there were certainly elements of the game's development and launch that could have gone better.

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