It's 2017 And Nivea Wants To 'Visibly Lighten' Dark Skin

Nivea catches backlash over racist ad for 'lighter skin'

Our Campaign not meant to demean black skin – Nivea

The ad features a woman yearning to "restore her skin to its natural fairness".

The German company also have a TV ad for the product showing a black model's skin becoming lighter after she applies the cream. The model beams noting that the "visibly fairer skin" makes her feel "younger".

Hundreds of furious social media users have called for a boycott of Dove products calling the ad "disgraceful".

"We have recently noted concerns on social media by some consumers regarding our NIVEA Natural Fairness Body Lotion communication in Ghana".

London-based entrepreneur William Adoasi commented: 'This is why black businesses need to rise up and cater for our needs. Others dragged Omowunmi, who is the first face of Nivea West Africa, for agreeing to such contract that denigrates the skin tone of her kind. "ALL black skin is lovely, no exceptions, so celebrate us as we are instead of asking us to adhere to unattainable and racist ideals", she went on to say.

He stated, "Dear Nivea, Kindly take down these billboards you have placed all over our beloved countries in Africa. Whitening and lightening creams are not only physically damaging, but also ethically wrong".

But in a statement, NIVEA said that the company develops products with the aim of helping consumers take care of their skin's health no matter their skin type. When beauty companies continue to sell whitening or bleaching products in places like Africa, India, the Middle East, and Latin America, women and men are being told their skin is not acceptable or attractive. He then compliments her "beautiful glowing skin".

It wasn't too long ago that Dove soap dished out a seemingly racist ad and now another body care brand is getting dirty looks.

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