Macron's Dog Busted Peeing on Palace Fireplace

President Emmanuel Macron's dog got a leg up on his owner Sunday. when he pissed on a fireplace during an official meeting. and the Prez lost it!

This was a situation that the French President Emmanuel Macron probably did not have any control over.

Junior Minister for Planning Julien Denormandie and Junior Minister for Ecology Brune Poirson couldn't keep a straight face in front of their boss, when earnest discussions of matters of state in front of LCI cameras were interrupted by the sound of streaming liquid.

"I wondered what that noise was", says Poirson, playing coy, in the footage.

'The dog is in the middle of doing something quite exceptional, ' comments an amused Macron.

"You've triggered completely unusual behavior in my dog", Macron says.

If the French government is ever investigating a leak at the Élysée Palace, it may simply have to take a look at the presidential home's four-legged resident, Nemo.

The French president walks down the steps of Elysee Palace with his dog, Nemo, in August. According to the BBC, he was named after a favourite literary character of Macron's, Captain Nemo, who commands the submarine Nautilus in the Jules Verne classic Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea.

Nemo isn't the first dog not to have fully adapted to palace-life.

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