Microsoft Edge Preview for Android Hits Google Play

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So far, the Microsoft Edge preview was only available on iOS, via Apple's Test Flight beta program. Microsoft says Edge will also sync a user's favourites and reading lists across devices. Since the release of Windows 10, metadata has been transmitted to Microsoft using the built in telemetry feature with no clear option to completely opt out of all information sharing. They are not informed which data are being used for what objective, neither that based on these data, personalized advertisements and recommendations can be presented, if those users have not opted out from these default settings on installation or afterward.

The Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA) said on Friday that, after investigating Microsoft's Windows 10 Home and Pro operating systems - of which there are four million users in the Netherlands - it has concluded that the firm "does not clearly inform users about the type of data it uses, and for which purpose". The company does not clearly inform users that it continuously collects personal data about the usage of apps and web surfing behaviour through its web browser Edge, when the default settings are used. If this is not the case, the Dutch DPA can decide to impose a sanction on Microsoft. We'll link to the app down below if you want to play with it. Due to Microsoft's approach users lack control of their data. Microsoft has been saying that it collects and processes the data from the Windows 10 to secure and improve its products and services, fix issues and keep the devices up-to-date.

The application is not yet launched officially, and for both the platform it is an unreleased app, but the difference is that on iOS platform an only limited number of users can use it while on Android anyone can download it. Inkpad document contents can also be collected when full telemetry is enabled. The DPA has not yet responded to Microsoft's rebuttal, meaning there is definitely more time for this latest saga to develop. The Microsoft Edge app for Android is available globally, not just in the USA, and allows users to seamlessly work back and forth between a mobile device and a desktop PC. In other words, Microsoft's telemetry settings are set at the default level upon installation of Windows 10, and that also means that personalized advertisements and recommendations are sprinkled throughout the operating system. "Next week, we have even more privacy improvements coming in the Fall Creators Update", the firm said. The Edge is now moving out from the home and making its place in Android and iOS.

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