NBC's Seth Meyers to Trump Supporters: Stop Watching My Show; "Go Away"

Eminem Is Getting All the Love for “The Storm,” and Rightfully So

Eminem Is Getting All the Love for “The Storm,” and Rightfully So

Wednesday, Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) told TMZ that Eminem's rap video "The Storm", which is critical of President Donald Trump, was an "important cultural contribution".

Late night hosts once again turned their attention to Donald Trump, especially in light of the President's threats to strip NBC of its broadcast license. He also echoed Eminem by ordering any Trump-supporting viewers to stop watching his show.

Jimmy Kimmel also addressed Eminem's political moment on Jimmy Kimmel Live! saying, "It was very well done, he even found a way to rhyme the word 'orange, ' which previously had been thought impossible". Now he's a loser.

Seth Meyers felt inspired by rapper Eminem's anti-Trump cypher during Tuesday night's BET Awards. Eminem focused several times on Trump's ongoing campaign against NFL national anthem protests, rapping: "so we focus on that instead of talking Puerto Rico or gun reform for Nevada".

As with any criticism of Trump, Eminem's diss was not short of high-profile supporters, with a number of musicians and athletes backing him up on social media.

Colin Kaepernick - who started the demonstrations by "taking a knee" a year ago - thanked Eminem for the song's reference to his ongoing protest on Twitter.

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