NYCC: Future crossover between 'The Walking Dead' & 'Fear The Walking Dead' confirmed

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"Or are we going to see a Fear The Walking Dead character show up in The Walking Dead?". "Are we going to see a Walking Dead character's backstory play out in Fear The Walking Dead", Kirkman asked.

Also, if the show does what we're suggesting clearly The Walking Dead fans won't see their show impacted at all - this is just a way to get more fans of the original show watching the spin-off/companion/whatever you want to call it.

The cable network followed up on creator Robert Kirkman's reveal during the shows' New York Comic Con presentation with the following image, combining the aesthetics of both shows to create a singular message: "The Worlds Collide".

It's finally going to happen... the two Walking Dead shows will be crossing paths!

Fans will be left to ponder the different scenarios that could lead to a crossover, but in the meantime, they don't have to wait around much longer for the show to return to our screens. Timelines - how does that work? 'Hopefully there have been points where you go, "Is this it?"

Andrew Lincoln joins Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Norman Reedus at The Walking Dead Town Hall discussion with SiriusXM Radio on Saturday afternoon (October 7) in New York City. Fear The Walking Dead season 3 has shifted its focus to her kids, Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and Nick (Frank Dillane).

"Fear the Walking Dead" is now airing the second half of season three on Sunday night with "The Walking Dead" season 8 set to debut on October 22.

What are you expecting from The Walking Dead/ Fear The Walking Dead crossover? Or is it going to be something completely different from that?'

With The Walking Dead asserting itself as a ratings juggernaut and pop culture phenomenon, AMC in 2015 elected to double-down by launching the sister series Fear the Walking Dead, moving the action from Atlanta and environs to Los Angeles and introducing a whole new group of characters.

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