Pot Smokers Have a Lot More Sex Than Non-Users, Study Finds

Cannabis may increase sexual arousal scientist think

Cannabis may increase sexual arousal scientist think

The findings, published Friday in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, are based on an analysis of results from the National Survey of Family Growth, which asks respondents questions such as how many times they've had sex in the past four weeks and how often they've smoked marijuana over the past year. But whether it's cause or effect isn't clear.

"It may be that marijuana increases arousal and sexual satisfaction", Eisenberg told the Mercury News, and in at least one study, women who watched sexual films became more aroused when they had marijuana in their systems than those who did not.

People who smoke marijuana regularly definitely need to be wary of the many effects weed may have on their bodies.

"Indeed, in 2016, it was estimated that 13 percent of US adults were using marijuana compared with 7 percent in 2013", the two researchers wrote. The more marijuana people smoked, the more they seemed to be having sex.

The right amount of cannabis however, which researchers have found to be less than what is often consumed, can make you relaxed, and experience heightened physical sensitivity and sensuality in general including touch, sound, taste and smell.

Reports state that women who did not use cannabis reported having sex six times on an average during the past four weeks, while women who used marijuana daily had sex 7.1 times on an average. They included data from respondents ages 25-45 and excluded a small percentage (fewer than 3 percent) of respondents who had failed to answer one or more relevant questions.

Commenting on the findings of the study, Eisenberg said, "Usually, people assume the more frequently you smoke, the worse it could be when it came to sex, but in fact, we learned the opposite was true".

In other words, pot users are having about 20 percent more sex than pot abstainers, Eisenberg noted. Overall, pot smokers had 20 percent more sex than non-smokers. "If anything, it's associated with increased coital frequency", said senior study author Michael Eisenberg, assistant professor of urology, according to the university press release. They assessed these individuals' self-reported patterns of marijuana use over the previous year and their self-reported frequency of heterosexual intercourse over the previous four weeks.

So it's not a lot more, and the researchers note that this is what people say they remember having done. He assumed that smoking pot would interfere with sexual performance. "There was basically a mixed result".

There is another issue that may throw cold water on cannabis' potential as a love enabler. "I know that some products have THC or cannabinoids in a lubricant, but I haven't seen any actual data on that", he says.

But at the end of it, Eisenberg still cautioned that the study was not proof of their being a causal link, strong as the hints maybe.

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