Prince Harry launching mental health campaign for British soldiers

"I learned about the true meaning of service, duty, resilience and dedication", Prince Harry began.

"Quite simply, these men and women are prized assets which need to be continually invested in. We surely have to think of them as high-performance athletes, carrying all their kit, equipment and a rifle", he continued.

And to keep the fighting fit they needed to be mentally fit - as well as being physically. "It is just as much about mental fitness too", Harry said.

The digital innovation unit is the next phase in their high profile Heads Together campaign, which saw the Royals team up with the London Marathon to create the world's first mental health marathon.

As they renewed their acquaintance at the reception for supporters of the royals' Heads Together mental health campaign, Cooper, an assistance dog who has met Harry several times, climbed on to the prince's chest, as Harry crouched down, and gave him a friendly lick.

William, Kate and Harry have supported the issue with their Heads Together mental health campaign that has been encouraging people to speak out about their psychological problems or be a sympathetic ear for others.

The soon-to-be father-of-three was delighted that 14,000 people were studied by YouGov. Because a national study published today, reveals that when the campaign reached its height in May, the number of people talking about mental health dramatically increased.

The MoD said the move would build upon a recently launched government strategy aimed at improving mental health among military workers, civilian staff, their families and veterans. It is an issue richly deserving of their support, and one which everyone concerned with society's welfare should also back. However, on the statistic that three quarters of suicides in the United Kingdom are men, he stated: "That's still a worrying statistic though, it really is".

"At the beginning, we were trying to understand why at home people weren't sharing some of their problems".

The partnership is the latest in a series of royal efforts to promote greater understanding around the issue through the work of the Foundation's Heads Together campaign, launched in May previous year.

He said: "I remember my time in the armed forces, I did a little bit of bayonet training then we were told to think about the consequences of stabbing a sandbag, and that was as close as we got until the next step and we're on the battlefield". "If you can't even have a conversation with your loved ones, there's no way you're going to go to HR at work".

"You'd struggle to find a parent out there who wouldn't want the well-being of their child to be taken care of at school", Prince William said Friday at Imperial College in London.

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