Providence statue of Columbus found vandalized on holiday

Broadway in 1931 honoring Philippe Pétain. Credit James Jemail  New York Daily News via Getty Images

Broadway in 1931 honoring Philippe Pétain. Credit James Jemail New York Daily News via Getty Images

"We feel like Columbus Day should remain true to the Italians", she said.

Columbus Day had been attacked as a symbol of imperialism and colonialism, and indifference to the fate of the many indigenous people who lost their land and their lives as European settlers arrived and advanced across the continent.

At a time when far-left extremists are vandalizing statues of Christopher Columbus, and when even politicians such as New York Mayor Bill de Blasio have considered tearing down statues of the man who discovered America for Europe, President Donald Trump reminded Americans why we celebrate Columbus Day. He witnessed the harming of thousands of Native Americans. Some mark the day concurrently with Columbus Day, and some cities have rejected Columbus Day altogether.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed Columbus Day a federal holiday in 1937 following a lobbying campaign by the Knights of Columbus.

"We need to take these statues down because we don't need to be constantly reminded of our oppressors and the bad history so we need to take these statues down", Juan Aguirre, one of the people protesting, said. Instead, he said, "I reject the negativity of a lot of the current day political tactics across the country".

But there's no doubt that Columbus' voyages "had an undeniable historical impact, sparking the great age of Atlantic exploration, trade and eventually colonization by Europeans", Perry wrote. Only 29 percent said they think it is a "bad idea", while 15 percent remained undecided.

In Southington, the Knights of Columbus says the monument has been in the works for year- well before the current debate. Those in favor of the move say Columbus represents a genocide to native peoples, who through conflict, slavery and disease saw their numbers reduced, while Italian-Americans and others say it erases history.

Less than half of all the states in the US -23, as well as the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico-legally require Columbus Day to be observed as a paid holiday, according to the Council of States Governments' Book of the States in 2015.

The decision makes L.A. just the latest in a growing group of major cities, small towns and states who have recognized Indigenous Peoples Day. South Dakota has celebrated Native American day for almost 30 years. "We do this because our history book erase such history".

"Columbus should not be celebrated".

A movement to abolish Columbus Day and replace it with Indigenous Peoples Day is gaining momentum across the country.

The Marist Poll surveyed 1,224 adults September 11-13, funded in partnership with the Knights of Columbus.

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