Rahul Gandhi popularity on Twitter faked? Here's the Russian bot angle

Rahul Gandhi

Congress wants Rahul Gandhi to personalize his Twitter handle

Questioning whether automated bots were mass retweeting Gandhi's tweets, the report said that on October 15, "OfficeofRG" retweeted US President Donald Trump's tweet praising American-Pakistani relations with a caption "Modi ji quick, looks like President Trump needs another hug".

Rahul's tweets have been garnering more traction in the number of retweets, reports. A closer inspection of the Twitter accounts showed they had less than 10 followers and retweeted random subjects from around the world, including those of Rahul Gandhi.

The hashtag #RahulWaveInKazakh was trending on Twitter, where various people took potshots at Rahul.

Lal raised two questions at the end of that piece, asking whether BJP supporters were using Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to mask their IP addresses, or whether the party had hired a marketing agency out of Thailand.

Gandhi's earlier tweet on a court order regarding BJP chief Amit Shah's son's business evoked an angry response from the BJP, with Irani taking digs that such attempts can't win Gujarat polls.

While Gandhi's tweet also had a pun on demonetisation, an exercise vehemently opposed by the Congress and many other Opposition parties he, however, found support from leaders like former J&K chief minister Omar Abdullah, who tweeted, "If I was Rahul Gandhi I'd be rubbing my hands with glee.The planted stories, the coordinated attack all highlight how anxious he has the BJP".

And presenting the queen of fake followers having 60% (2.8 million) fake followers. No original thought, the profiles doubted to be fake consist only retweets.

Smriti Irani shared a report which raised questions on Congress vice-president's Twitter followers.

Bots have been very much in the news since the U.S. presidential election a year ago. "You will have to speak to Twitter to get clarity". "Story is factually wrong".

BJP leaders however, focused their attack on alleged bots used by the Congress to boost Gandhi's tweets, an allegation countered by the party.

BJP's Amit Malviya, in-charge of the party's national Information and Technology, tweeted saying: "Rahul Gandhi should have known that popularity can't be bought, certainly not from Russia, Kazakhstan".

"This support has been manufactured on social media to create an illusion of a resurgence because the Congress party is desperate".

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