Ranking the best 'Hell in a Cell' matches in WWE history

I already lost a lot of faith in WWE after that disastrous No Mercy main event and if 'Nak doesn't kick Jinder and the Singh's heads off, or at least a few Kinshasa's on each to win the strap, I actually will take some time off WWE until Wrestle Kingdom 12 is done in January.

Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin vs. But when the dust settles, The New Day and The Usos will walk away having had the match of the night.

The Usos are now five-time tag team champions but this is their third run with the blue brand titles. While both members of The New Day got free and attempted to make a comeback, both were cut off, and the Usos ended up getting the pin to become five-time champs. MATTHEW BYER: Has Shane-O-Mac won a match since the 1990s? A costly mistake put Orton in control, and one RKO gave him the win.

The Viper Randy Ortan was dominated by Rusev as the match came to a conclusion through a series of reversals. Styles eventually got the upper hand and nearly forced Dillinger to tap to the Calf Crusher, but Corbin broke it up.

Albeit Dillinger was included in the title match, it was Baron Corbin who tuned out as the ultimate opportunist as he took the win from AJ Styles who delivered Phenomenal Forearm only to be floored by Corbin for pinfall.

The storyline surrounding the US Championship is yet another thing SmackDown has managed to handle well, especially when there's a third-wheel player in Tye Dillinger who has to sit on the sidelines. After failing to cash in on Money in the Bank contract Corbin got yet another title shot after rivalry between him and AJ Styles.

Apart from the matches, WWE brought back Fashion Files at Hell in a Cell confirming a new segment for it will air on this week's Smackdown episode.

You knew that when WWE announced Shane McMahon would be in a Hell in a Cell match in the pay-per-view of the same name, we'd get another ridiculous stunt wrestling fans would be talking about. It's nearly as if WWE Creative took all of the pent up racism that they couldn't utilize throughout the PG era and are utilizing it through Jinder Mahal.

MATTHEW BYER: With all the rumours that Ziggler's days in WWE are numbered it would be logical for Roode to win here, but I'll go with the upset win by the Showoff. Bobby Roode was called up to Smackdown from NXT with little fanfare, despite his extravagant entrance.

Click next below to continue the WWE Hell In A Cell results and review. Rusev should have been given the victory here - Orton doesn't need it, and this is just compensation for him putting over Jinder all Summer. Right after the match, Ziggler ruined Roode's celebration by hitting him with the Zig Zag.

Of course, this isn't the first time McMahon's taken a huge bump in a high-profile match. Just as it looked as McMahon had Owens beat after Owens fell from the side of the cell through a table, he made a decision to continue the punishment. He lifted Owens onto the other announce table and quickly ascended to the top of the cell once more. Not satisfied, he then sets Owens up on another table.

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