Sony PlayStation VR gets a design update

New Sony PSVR CUH-ZVR2 Revealed

Sony PlayStation VR gets a design update

The PlayStation VR headset has only been around for about a year, but if you purchased one early on it's now already being replaced with a newer, slicker model.

There's some improvements under the hood, too, including a new processor unit that supports HDR pass through. However, users won't be able to just get a new processor unit for their existing headsets top achieve the same. Sony has also made the connection cable slimmer to reduce its overall profile.

Sony is preparing the launch of a new PSVR model that will feature slight changes to the current version sold in stores.

Sony has confirmed via its U.S. blog that the PlayStation VR unit is getting a minor hardware update.

"A hardware update to PlayStation VR is being prepared". It also recommends checking that the box shows the newer CUH-ZVR2 model number, rather than the older CUH-ZVR1 number. If you're wondering what's worth playing on Sony's VR headset, check out our roundup of the best PlayStation VR games. Pricing (including bundles) will also remain the same as the original. This enables users to display HDR PS4 content on theirs TV without disconnecting the Processor Unit although understandably, users need to turn off the PS VR headset in order to activate the pass through. All PSVR games will be compatible with both models. We'll keep you updated should those regions receive the new edition.

Fans of Sony's PlayStation consoles now have a chance to express their undying love for the gaming product by getting a credit card officially tied to the brand.

If there is something that Sony did right is that they supported the headset unlike no other company.

The updated PlayStation VR has a model number CUH - ZVR2, which is likely to hit the market of Japan on October 14th.

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