Spoofs on Wonder Woman, Kendall Jenner, OJ Simpson and More

TheWonder Woman star was interrupted during her opening Saturday Night Live monologue by castmember Leslie Jones, who hilariously went toe-to-toe with Gadot to show off her "street performer Wonder Woman" impression.

Instead, Dre (Aidy Bryant) and Megan (Kate McKinnon) were looking for an island of lesbians and are pretty surprised to find that they don't identify that way. However, that soon turns to disappointment when they learn none of the Amazons identify as lesbian.

Gadot, however, was willing to experiment and planted a long kiss on McKinnon. Gadot plays Wonder Woman again in Justice League, which debuts November 17, and Wonder Woman 2, which has a December 2019 release date. Gadot's movie magnetism, however, didn't translate to live sketch comedy as she relied on cue cards much of the night.

McKinnon said that the two were "not guinea pigs" and were not there for her "to experiment on", unless Gadot wanted to.

After briefly getting into an nearly fight with Gigi - also played by Gadot -over who's prettier (answer: Jenner), Jenner realized she doesn't even know which sister she is.

On SNL, we delved into the hardcore queer history of Wonder Woman with a hilarious sketch.

It looks like Wonder Woman has a new love interest in her life and Chris Pine's character should be very afraid!

In the promo for Kendall's Model House, "Jenner" is seen casually standing around a bowl of fruit with roommates/supermodel sisters Bella Hadid (played by Kate McKinnon) and Gigi Hadid (also played by Gal Gadot).

Elsewhere in this sketch, Melissa Villaseñor does a great Gwen Stefani impression, we get to know the unsung heroes in the background of Riverdale, and Cecily Strong pulls double duty as the Powerful Sluts Of Miami.

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