Teal pumpkins offer a safe Halloween for children with food allergies

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To make the holiday safer for them, the Teal Pumpkin Project is taking initiatives, which are quite beneficial.

While the teal pumpkin is not meant to replace the traditional act of giving out candy on Halloween, it is an important way to include those who may have dietary restrictions, organizers said. Teal pumpkins placed on doorsteps signify to families that the home offers non-food goodies for trick-or-treaters as an alternative to candy. After finding out their kids have severe food allergies they realized that most homes did not have a safe treat for their kids. "Our son's not old enough to say, 'Hey I have a peanut allergy can I have something else?' So we have to be right there beside him", Marks said.

"It helps to include children with food allergies on a day that can be hard for them", said Guerrera.

"It's grown like insane", he said. Teal is the color used for food allergy awareness.

Teal is the official color of food allergy awareness, according to Food Allergy Research & Education, a nonprofit dedicated to food allergy education, awareness, research and advocacy.

First, some non-food items still contain food allergens, such as some brands of moldable clay, which may contain wheat.

A map of houses in Spokane participating in the Teal Pumpkin Project can be seen here. "Many popular sweets include the common food allergens of peanuts, tree nuts, soy, eggs, milk, or wheat, and besides that, the small sized sweets often given out during Halloween do not usually have ingredients on them and, there is too much of a risk for children with food allergies to eat that candy without knowing what's in it".

It is estimated that more than 40 million children nationwide go trick-or-treating annually in their neighborhood and during special Halloween events in their local communities.

To become involved in this project is really quite simple. They hope by giving people the option to support the Teal Pumpkin Project it will help more kids have the chance to participate in Halloween.

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