Teens Get Their Own Amazon Accounts, With Parents' Approval

Amazon now lets teenagers shop via separate logins attached to their parents' accounts

Amazon now lets teens shop with their own account, but with parental approval

Teen logins allow teens to shop on their own and parents approve the order with a simple text.

For the first time, teenagers will be able to independently log into Amazon and shop as long as they are linked to their parent's accounts. Teens get greater freedom and parents still get itemized notifications of orders.

Setting up a teen account on Amazon requires input from the parent. Once a teen receives an invitation, they create their own user name and password, and then download the Amazon App to start shopping. Users have to fill out some information about their child, including their name, birthdate and phone number.

The teen accounts are a part of Amazon Households, an existing Amazon feature that lets Prime members share accounts and payment methods with other family members.

Amazon, which already offered discounted Amazon Music Unlimited service for college students in the past, is now discounting its Prime service, as well. The teen can also include a personalized note like, "this is the book I need for class". The text message also tells parents to reply by typing in the letter "Y" to approve the transaction or to go to their orders page to review the purchase further. Parents who want to avoid the approval step can set a preapproved spending limit on Amazon. Continuing, "For teens who have a parent with a Prime membership, they can also access Prime benefits at no additional cost, including fast, free shipping, Prime Video and gaming benefits with Twitch Prime". Parents will not be charged for adding their teen to their account, Amazon said.

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