'The New Mutants' Director Reveals Storyboards Brought To Life

New Mutants trailer will star Maisie Williams

MARVEL HBONew Mutants trailer will star Maisie Williams

Created in 1982 by Chris Claremont and Bob McLeod as a spinoff of the X-Men, The New Mutants were meant to be a reset for Marvel's world of heroic-yet-feared mutants.

Meet the mutants below and see how they compare to their comic counterparts. And now, mutant fans are finally getting a horror movie. This won't be your average X-flick however, and the trailer was as cryptic as it was foreboding, planting the seeds to a mystery that's not like any we've seen in a comic book film before. He went on to say that these young actors are the New Mutants and the naysayers will have to go through him. Twentieth Century Fox's X-Men franchise has been around in some form or another since Bryan Singer's initial movie debuted in 2000.

Dr. Cecilia Reyes, played by Alice Braga in a role that was originally going to go to Rosario Dawson, is the one in charge of the whole operation and is responsible for the teenager's trauma. The move to the "darker tone" for the typical superhero movie, eventually proved successful thanks to films like Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool.

Fox has previously stated that the film's horror esthetics is based on The Demon Bear Saga, which might sound silly but is actually one of the best storylines involving the young heroes.

The very brief, early synopsis just reads: 'The story of the New Mutants, a team of mutant heroes comprised of the first graduates from Charles Xavier's school'.

The star cast of the The New Mutants, releasing on April 13, 2018, includes Maisie Williams, Anya Taylor-Joy, and Charlie Heaton among others.

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