White House Chief of Staff John Kelly's phone was compromised for months

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White House Chief of Staff John Kelly's phone was compromised for months

The television host claimed during Thursday's program to have an internal Secret Service memo explaining White House staffers personal devices were now prohibited inside the West Wing, and prior to entering staff had to place the devices - including tablets and smartwatches - into lockboxes and after turning them off.

Officials believe the breach to Mr. Kelly's phone dates back to December, raising concerns that hackers or foreign governments may have accessed his data while he was serving at DHS.

White House computer staff identified a breach after Kelly handed in his cell phone, asking for tech support help, according to Politico.

IT staff inspected the phone for days before determining that it had been compromised. It's unclear if anything was accessed on the device.

Officials don't know what data, if any, may have been accessed from Kelly's personal phone.

Though officials from the White House have indicated to Politico that Kelly rarely used his personal device for communications, instead relying on his government-issued device for most of his needs, there is still the possibility that the infected phone may have been used to obtain sensitive and classified information.

Sam Kassoumeh, the CEO of SecurityScorecard, a security intelligence company, said that Android phones can carry the risk of being vulnerable to hackers, according to Wired. Trump frequently attacked Democratic presidential rival Hillary Clinton during the campaign for her own use of a private email server, saying it presented national security issues.

"I get the thing, and they're all like, 'Well, Mr. President, for security reasons.it doesn't take pictures, you can't text, the phone doesn't work. you can't play your music on it, '" Obama told "The Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon past year when he was allowed to upgrade his then-old BlackBerry.

The President has continued to use a Samsung Galaxy S3, a handset first released in 2012, to do much of his communication, including tweeting.

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