Woman Expecting Yoga Mat Finds Package With Drugs

Woman Expecting Yoga Mat Finds Package With Drugs

Woman Expecting Yoga Mat Finds Package With Drugs

The Rock Hill Herald reports the woman told Rock Hill police she was handed a package by the mailman Saturday and found the pills.

A SC woman's mail delivery was anything but routine as her postal carrier handed her thousands of dollars worth of illegal drugs.

A SC woman received the surprise of her life after placing an online order for a yoga mat.

Officers with the York County Multijurisdictional Drug Enforcement Unit took possession of the drugs and have launched an investigation, said Marvin Brown, commander of the unit.

Instead, it was a heavy box filled with $400,000 worth of illegal oxycodone.

Police believe she received the drugs after they were shipped to her old address, which the dealers knew would be vacant.

Drug unit Commander Marvin Brown said the package was likely meant to be delivered to the woman's previous address, which she recently moved from and is now vacant, WSOC reported.

But the address was misspelled on the package and the post office sent the it to the woman's current address. He said unwitting people find that those in the drug trade use fake or wrong addresses and names, then wait for packages to be delivered. She immediately called police after opening the box.

The woman's neighbor, Nicole Riddle, was reportedly stunned by the delivery.

Police say the pills are likely to be counterfeit oxycodone from Mexico that were pressed from powder.

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