Women not allowed to fly home after plastic surgery leaves them unrecognisable

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ASIAWIREPassport news The women had travelled to South Korea from China to have their procedures

Earlier this week, an incredible photo of three puffy-faced Chinese women apparently stuck at a South Korean airport after plastic surgery left them unrecognizable took the Chinese internet by storm and was promptly picked up by numerous global media outlets to boot.

The three women from China were unable to return home when they no longer looked like their passport pics.

But with their faces heavily swollen and covered in bandages, can you really blame the security personnel?

However, Jian has since removed her post, indicating that this story may very well have burned the Chinese internets.

The picture is said to have been taken over the recent Golden Week national holiday in China, an eight-day period when many Chinese - said to be six million this year - travel overseas.

According the Chinese publication, Shanghaiist, the women were not allowed onto their return flight after security officials couldn't confirm that their faces post the surgery matched with those in their passports.

South Korea is a popular destination for medical tourism and more than 500,000 Chinese residents are reported to travel overseas for plastic surgery each year.

The three women were completely unrecognisable after plastic surgery. The people of the country believe that getting the surgery done leads to better employment prospects and a happier life, says news.com.au.

The unidentified women flew last week to the nip-and-tuck top destination during China's Golden Week, a national holiday in which residents are encouraged to take paid vacations, Asia Wire reported.

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