Xbox One Fall Update available now

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Read More350Minecraft Story Mode – The Complete Adventure places all 8 episodes on 1 big disc

Make Home uniquely yours. This allows you to pin anything as a "block" on the dash, when you scroll up and down.

Players also have the option to have 40 pins. The screen is dimmed more effectively to combat screenburn, and the new Community feed provides a place to catch up on all the things your friends are up to. You're stuck with the Xbox One S console, a stand, the Xbox One controller, and a 14-day trial to Xbox Live Gold.

New "Friends in games" flyout informs you of friends playing the same game.

The Guide has also changed for Xbox One gamers, as Microsoft has returned it to a horizontal layout.

It has become more efficient in tracking down time-sensitive activities and statuses, and they are visible to see from a far distance.

Which OG Xbox game would you most like to play on your Xbox 360?

You'll also be able to download 4K content for games ahead of time on your Xbox One, so you can port it all straight across to Xbox One X on day one when it launches on 7th November.

MicrosoftPromotional image for Xbox One X.

This includes the ability to transfer games to an external hard drive and plug it straight into the new console. And, if you don't have an external HDD handy, you'll be able to do it via a network transfer when you have both machines connected.

The Xbox One Fall Update is now available for download.

In its blog post that announces the Xbox One Fall Update, Microsoft leads off with perhaps the most important addition to the console: more customization options.

The Game Hub for a particular title now shows more information. Still, as he correctly says, "it's a chicken and egg problem", meaning that Japanese companies don't find an audience on Xbox, but in order to attract one there needs to be Japanese titles coming for it.

You can also change your console language to select right-to-left languages - Arabic & Hebrew - in the Xbox Settings menu.

Microsoft is yet to add these features to Xbox Insider preview versions, so the company will have to get a wriggle on it it wants them to be available before the end of the year.

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