Australian senator Sam Dastyari racially abused by far-right group

The Labor MP told the men they were

The Labor MP told the men they were"embarrassing themselves

On Thursday, Dastyari told the Nine Network that what is now happening in politics is heading into a "very, very ugly place".

"It makes me feel small, makes me feel frightful, it makes you feel kind of bad and that's what they are created to do".

Patriot Blue founder Neil Erikson, who filmed the confrontation, is heard telling the senator, "why don't you go back to Iran, you terrorist?".

He is considering a legal response to the incident, which may have infringed race discrimination laws.

But One Nation leader Pauline Hanson refused to condemn the abuse and instead labelled the Senator Dastyari a "smart arse".

Senator Hanson responded from the campaign trail this morning saying she wouldn't wish that kind of treatment on anyone and no one deserves it, while insisting it had nothing to do with her.

"He's played up this whole thing".

"I cop a lot of abuse, a lot of hate [and] I probably cop more than other people because I'm a little bit outspoken and being a Muslim, even a non-practising Muslim, attracts abuse".

Streaming service Stan and Roadshow Productions will launch action against the men, which includes convicted stalker and racial vilifier Neil Erikson, who have set up Facebook groups under the Patriot Blue name.

They continue to heckle the senator, asking "what race is Islam" and whether the drinks he was buying were "halal certified".

Footage taken later shows the men standing over the senator as he is seated with friends, who step in to help the senator.

"You are racist rednecks".

Instead, she blamed Dastyari and called him "a little Mr Bean" and "a smartarse", The Guardian reports. "People may have their comments about me, my politics and what I say, but you know, he's a big boy", she said. Especially when it's accompanied by talk of monkeys and going back to where you came from.

He was backed up my Labor MP Tim Watts who said into their camera "What race is dickhead?" "That is because our society is built on a foundation of mutual respect". He told the men that he thought they were a bunch of racists and they were only embarrassing themselves.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said Senator Dastyari kept his cool. "It should have zero tolerance for racist abuse like this", he told the Seven Network.

One of the Islamophobe's was apparently wearing a uniform for Toll, an Australian logistics company.

"The actions of these individuals in no way reflect the beliefs and values of Toll", it said.

Erikson said he had the right to free speech.

"If he wants to go for Toll and try and hurt me financially he can go for it ... I believe that everyone has a right to freedom of speech", he told ABC radio.

In 2014 Mr Eriksen avoided jail time after pleading guilty to stalking a Melbourne Rabbi after making a number of racially-motivated phone calls.

He was sentenced to a 12-month community correction order, involving 150 hours of unpaid work.

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