Call of Duty: WWII Already Earns Over $500 Million In Sales

Call of Duty WWII Review- Going Back to Your Roots

Call of Duty: WWII Already Earns Over $500 Million In Sales

In an interesting turn of events, American auto manufacturer AM General is taking Activision to court over the appearance of their signature Humvee vehicle making appearances in the Call of Duty series.

The manufacturer behind the Humvee vehicle are suing Activision over the appearance of the military vehicle in Call of Duty. For those who are asking how this $500 Million revenue is massive? it is impressive because it beat the opening weekend earnings of the highly anticipated Hollywood movies - Thor: Raganork and Wonder Women. The game has made over $500 million in just three days, highlighting the fact that fans just wanted a traditional Call of Duty experience. So what Call of Duty: WWII has really achieved, I think, is returning the franchise to the level of prestige it previously enjoyed.

As one of three studios continually making Call of Duty games for an annual release schedule, Sledgehammer's work would have begun in 2014 as Treyarch and Infinity Ward worked on their entries for 2015 and 2016.

"The gripping, personal narrative, boots-on-the-ground multiplayer and terrifying Nazi zombies mode attracted players worldwide resulting in the highest total connected users on current generation consoles and PC in Call of Duty history", concludes Activision. According to AM General, Activision has been incorporating its Humvee trademark without permission in the Call of Duty games, the line of toys based on the franchise, and in strategy guides. He added that the developers are "committed to supporting the community with continuous improvements and new content".

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