Conor McGregor jumps cage at Bellator 187, confronts referee Marc Goddard

Georges St-Pierre

GETTY Kenny Florian reckons GSP may not see Conor Mc Gregor as a challenge

But Conor wasn't done. he came back, climbed back on top of the cage and straight slapped one of the guards upside the head.

The UFC lightweight king was in attendance at Bellator 187 with his friend and training partner, Charlie Ward, on the card from Dublin, Ireland. In the video, McGregor continued to point and yell in Goddard's direction before eventually exiting.

Goddard, who reportedly has a history with McGregor, apparently angered McGregor with his attempts to clear up the ring. McGregor was so vocal and animated during Lobov's fight with Andre Fili that Goddard paused the action in the cage to give McGregor a tongue-lashing. "Act professional", Goddard could be heard telling McGregor.

However, referee Marc Goddard ordered McGregor, who was not a licensed cornerman for the event, immediately out of there and touched his chest - much to his annoyance.

McGregor could be in hot water for his behavior Friday.

While the matchup seems to be made, negotiations are in place with McGregor's team and the UFC.

Given that McGregor has acted dramatically out of turn and given massive publicity to a competitor, UFC president Dana White's response is well worth looking out for. Despite the numbers surely not to be anywhere near what McGregor and Mayweather did in their boxing match, the Irish star believes the UFC can make him happy in a matchup against Ferguson.

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