DC Comics Signs Brian Michael Bendis to Exclusive Contract

DC Comics announced today that the company has signed comics writer Brian Michael Bendis to an exclusive contract, wooing him away from his longtime home at Marvel Comics.

Mr. Bendis rose to prominence with Marvel as the writer of Ultimate Spider-Man, which not only distilled the key elements of the character down into something modern and new-reader friendly, but was a profound influence on all the Spider-Man movies that followed.

After the ending of Ultimate Spider-Man in 2011, the brand was relaunched in September that year as Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man. Change is good. Change is healthy.

It should be a fun year for fans of DC Comics as well, as the Bendis hire means that he could be working with the company's big guns sooner rather than later. And which writers would you like to see take over for Bendis on his current comics? I am bursting with ideas and inspirations.

"Brian is a great partner and has contributed incredible stories and characters to the Marvel Universe over the years", a representative for Marvel told Newsarama. "Details to come! Stay tuned!" Bendis subsequently confirmed the news himself, writing, "This is real".

Bendis started his run at Marvel in 2000 with Ultimate Spider-Man, the start of a 111-issue run alongside artist Mark Bagley. In addition to creating characters like Miles Morales and Jessica Jones, he presided over a super popular relaunch of the Avengers in 2004 and was the creative force behind several Marvel event series, including Secret Invasion and Age of Ultron.

Neither DC nor Bendis have announced what titles he will be working on for the home of Superman, or when we can expect to see his first works.

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