Destiny 2 Expansion - Curse Of Osiris

Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris livestream

Destiny 2 Expansion - Curse Of Osiris

With all the talk coming out of the studio lately, carefully using the terms "new raid activity" or "new raid content", it was easy to come to the conclusion that there would not, in fact, be a new raid with the launch of the first expansion, Curse of Osiris. You can enter the Infinite Forest when you explore the planet, and it contains multiple "trees" or towers.

Curse of Osiris was revealed at the tail-end of October alongside a new trailer. The region surrounding the Lighthouse has become a staging area for Red Legion troops who fled The Almighty - which is ironic, given that The Almighty was tearing Mercury apart for fuel before you disabled it in the campaign.

Curse of Osiris releases on December 5, and it brings the power level cap up to 335.

Step through a huge portal on the surface of Mercury and you'll materialize miles away in the Infinite Forest of the Vex.

Eater of Worlds is created to be shorter but more hard than Leviathan, and Bungie is calling this a Raid Lair as opposed to a straight Raid. It sounds like a nature preserve, but it's actually a very big subterranean simulator the Vex use to observe all possibilities of the past, present, and future as they hunt for, um, something.

The DLC will see the return of the Heroic Strike playlist, and the introduction of the Raid Lair.

The expansion, Curse of Osiris, is just around the corner and what is better than getting some fresh AND live content. So my chief concern with the first year of Destiny 2 was how quickly I'd get exhausted of running the same ol' Leviathan raid that launched back in September. The Raid Lair will reward players with unique loot, including armor, weapons, and cosmetics that are different from those found in the standard Leviathan Raid. Presumably, we'll hear more about him today. "Learn about the places you'll go, the characters you'll meet, and the enemies you'll fight", said Bungie in its description of the show. If you managed to finish the Leviathan raid, you'll have a more challenging event to try.

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