Disney Will Launch ESPN+ Streaming Service In Spring 2018

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It does, however, mean that Disney will be increasing the price as the catalogue grows. "That is in part reflective of the fact it'll have less volume".

We'll update this with more information when it becomes available.

A live-action Star Wars series will no doubt be the focus, while series based on the 2001 Pixar hit Monsters, Inc, and the Disney Channel's High School Musical will also be highly anticipated. While the only other Star Wars TV show, Star Wars Rebels, is ending soon, that's not the case for Marvel, which has several shows airing or in the works on sister and rival networks.

Sadly, what we don't yet know is whether or not this service will be offered to cord cutters or those with existing cable packages.

The Walt Disney Co. has galactic plans for its Star Wars franchise, and those are coming with a big bill.

Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed the news during an investor call, saying the new series will be exclusively shown on Disney's streaming service, which is set to debut in 2019. Deadline reports the company is developing new TV shows for their upcoming digital streaming service.

The specifics of Disney's new streaming service are still unknown.

"As I've said earlier, we're going launch this thing pretty aggressively", he said on the call Thursday.

Even as Iger played down talk of Disney's streaming platform aiming to be a "Netflix killer", calling the company "a good partner of ours", he made his goals for content quite clear. With the insane level of popularity their properties possess - and with a live-action Star Wars TV series now also announced for the service - it's easy to see why the studio considers this a solid investment.

Currently, Netflix plans start at $7.99 per month and jump to $10.99 for HD and $13.99 for Ultra HD plans.

The service will launch in the US. Netflix ended the September quarter with 109.25 million streaming subscribers worldwide, including 52.77 million in the USA and 56.48 million in global markets.

That may explain Disney's interest in acquiring large parts of 21st Century Fox Inc., including its film studio, some cable channels and stake in consumer TV services such as Sky Plc and Hulu LLC.

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