'Doctor Who' first look shows Jodie Whittaker in costume

'Doctor Who' first look shows Jodie Whittaker in costume

'Doctor Who' first look shows Jodie Whittaker in costume

Baggy pants, suspenders, rainbow shirt, obligatory coat ... It's different, but not too different.

The Doctor's costume is nearly as iconic as the actor who plays the Time Lord.

In a trailer that was released at the time, Whittaker was seen in a dark hood and long grey coat - but said that wouldn't be part of her official Doctor Who outfit.

The new Doctor was revealed back in July, with Whittaker stating that it was "more than an honour to play the Doctor". When she isn't watching hockey or checking out a concert, her nose is either buried in a book or catching up on the latest shows and films. While this is clearly a photo from Earth (where else would it be?), the show did a good job painting this to make it look a little bit more alien.

There are a lot of colors present in Whittaker's costume; once again a touch that seems to look to the Doctor Who days of old.

Doctor Who returns with a new face and new adventures in Autumn 2018.

We're sure the internet will have MANY opinions on this just because it's the internet and - well, that's what we do.

For the uninitiated, "Doctor Who" follows a hyper-intelligent time-traveler who journeys across time and space and encounters all manner of unusual life forms and obstacles to overcome. Share your thoughts and reactions to the subject below! This took the internet by storm with tons of shows of approval came from the Whovian community, and now the internet is going wild again as the first image of Whittaker in her new World Health Organization duds is making the rounds.

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