Doctor Who star Tom Baker returns as Time Lord

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Doctor Who star Tom Baker returns as Time Lord

Tom Baker has returned to Doctor Who for one very special reason - he'll be helping complete a lost episode of the series so that it can finally be enjoyed in full. As the longest-serving Doctor in the BBC sci-fi series, he will reprise his role by donning his signature hat, long coat, and stripy scarf to film new scenes for an unfinished episode that had to be abandoned mid-way.

It will be his first return as the Time Lord since a brief cameo for Children in Need.

"I loved doing Doctor Who because it was life to me", he continued.

To complete the journey back to the past, the producers of "Shada" filmed Baker in a recreation of his TARDIS, shot the scenes on vintage 1970s cameras and even got hold of a model of the Doctor's faithful dog K-9 to boot. "He seemed such a nice old man'". Adams would only write two other episodes for Doctor Who, but "Shada" was always the "what could've been?" after filming for the episode was interrupted by an engineering strike.

"When I was doing Doctor Who it was the realisation of all my childhood fantasies", he said, "so I took to it like a duck to water and I still do".

Almost four decades later, BBC Worldwide is set to release a new version of "Shada" that blends original footage with new color animations and voiceovers by OG cast members Baker and Lalla Ward (who played companion Romana II).

"That's why I can't stay away from it, it was a lovely time of my life", he said.

The lost episode will be available to buy on digital download and will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on December 4. The recorded footage was previously released in 1992, with linking narration provided by Baker.

In 2003, the broadcaster commissioned Big Finish to remake "Shada" as a 40th-anniversary audio play; Eighth Doctor Paul McGann joined original cast members Ward and John Leeson (the voice of K9).

But rather than just being a celebration of, well, eating, Doctor Who Day holds a lot more meaning.

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