Email scam targets Netflix's millions of subscribers

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Email scam targets Netflix's millions of subscribers

Netflix has issued a warning to their customers about a new email scam targeting viewers. In order to verify any emails about billing or other information, Netflix said one could put their cursor over whatever link is in the note and see the real address at the bottom of their browser.

With a subject line "Your suspension notification", the email claims unless credit card details are provided by the customer their subscription will instantly be shut down.

Mailguard, a cloud and web security provider had flagged the email scam last week.

Experts say if you're unsure about your account status, go instead to Netflix's website, log in and securely check your information there.

Many email scams are rather crude and easy to spot, but they're getting more sophisticated all the time.

The company advises customers to delete any email that looks suspicious. The email tells customers that their account is about to be canceled and that Netflix needs their billing information.

If you are targeted in this scam or receive any other odd emails from someone you think is pretending to be the streaming network, please let Netflix know via customer service, and they will report this scam to the proper agencies.

Never click on any links or open any attachments in an email or text message you received unexpectedly, regardless of the source.

Netflix said it is aware of the ongoing scam, adding that the company takes security seriously and has measures in place to detect fraudulent activity.

They then ask the user to submit their personal details along with credit or debit card details.

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