Final Fantasy XV's Prince Noctis Joins Tekken 7 In Spring 2018

There's a new fighter coming to Tekken 7 and it's Final Fantasy XV's Noctis Lucis Caelum.

Spring 2018 suggests the second quarter of 2018 for those worldwide game fans. Introduced in a 4-minute trailer, Noctis receives a call from TEKKEN's Lars and agrees to help him with a mission. In addition to Noctis, it looks like a stage inspired by the Coernix Gas Station from Final Fantasy XV will be making an appearance as a playable stage. All in all, it seems like the guy has plenty of tools at his disposal to make him one of the most risky characters on the roster. We get to see Noctis in action, indeed wielding the Engine Blade, but also summoning Royal Weapons with the Armiger and using his signature Warp Attack.

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This will be Tekken 7's first guest character from outside the fighting genre, joining fellow newcomers from Street Fighter and the SNK milieu. You'll have to arm yourself with patience, though, because it'll be a little while until he makes his way to the game.

There is no confirmed release date available for this DLC pack beyond that spring 2018 window. If you wanna whet your appetite, though, you can check out the reveal trailer below.

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