Former TV anchor says Kevin Spacey sexually assaulted her son

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Tara Miltimore, assistant district attorney and spokeswoman for the Cape and Islands District Attorney's Office, confirmed to ABC News that "an individual has provided information to the Nantucket Police regarding an allegation of an indecent assault and battery".

A former Boston TV news anchor has made good on an earlier vow to let "the dominoes" fall when it comes to growing sexual assault allegations against Kevin Spacey by announcing during a live TV news conference Wednesday that her teen son was one of the actor's alleged victims.

She said Spacey tried to get her son to go with him to an after-hours party.

Heather Unruh came forward with details of a sexual assault allegation against Kevin Spacey that she's been hinting at for months on Twitter.

Unruh said her son didn't report the assault at the time because he was embarrassed and knew it would bring a lot of attention.

Given the "climate", Unruh said her son recently filed a police report, adding that a criminal investigation was underway.

Allegations of misconduct by Spacey, star of Netflix's House of Cards, began October 29, after actor Anthony Rapp disclosed to Buzzfeed that the Oscar-winner had made sexual advances on Rapp when he was just 14 years old. Unruh has been tweeting for weeks about the sexual harassment and assault scandals in Hollywood, starting with investigations into Harvey Weinstein.

Because her son was afraid of shame and embarrassment, Unruh explained he chose to come forward now in wake of the stories that have been made public by other alleged victims.

"There was no consent", she said. But ultimately the company chose to suspend production of the show's last season indefinitely.

Spacey has said he doesn't remember the encounter but apologized if such "drunken behavior" occurred.

"Reports of sexual assaults are confidential under [state law]", the spokesman says.

The writer also compared Spacey to the Dalai Lama, who likely "has done something he's ashamed of". Unruh's son reportedly told the actor he was over 21.

Since Rapp made his allegations, Spacey has been hit by at least 10 other claims.

The family lawyer also told reporters Wednesday that his client had spoken to Nantucket police, who were investigating.

In light of the allegations against him, several members of the "House of Cards" production team have come forward with their own harrowing experience with the show's lead actor.

Spacey has been accused of groping Rapp, a star of "Star Trek: Discovery", and Richard Dreyfuss' son, Harry Dreyfuss, among others.

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