Gas prices spike in OH, other Midwestern states

They say refinery maintenance will still cause gas prices to be relatively high. Now that pushed back maintenance is colliding with other planned maintenance that was also planned leading to a condensed maintenance season. Prices in IL, mainly around Chicago, could exceed $3 per gallon, he said.

Dan McTeague, a senior petroleum analyst with, said earlier this week that gas prices were going up quickly.

He says a major problem that the Great Lakes doesn't have, is the ability to re-supply via waterborne shipments and pipeline deliveries.

Drivers in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky and IL are watching their gas prices rise at an alarming rate with little explanation.

These cuts have resulted in gradual gasoline increases throughout the country, but due to the regional issues mentioned above, customers in the Great Lakes region have experienced the brunt of the pain at the pump.

Prices across Regina were, on average, around 109.3 cents per litre.

Those issues have led to the lowest gasoline inventories since 2015 when the BP refinery shut down in Whiting, Indiana.

"Relief will come eventually, once the Explorer Pipeline is repaired, which is expected to be fixed within days", DeHaan said.

Gillette gas prices are lower than the state average, ranging from $2.37 a gallon to $2.39 a gallon. "Even then, it will take days for gasoline flows to return to normal, and the problem of refinery maintenance will still linger". "As refineries continue autumn maintenance, we may continue to see gasoline inventories under pressure, with a mixed bag of increases and decreases in the weeks ahead until the conclusion of such maintenance".

Nationally, gas prices decreased 8.9 cents per gallon since September and are 25.0 cent per gallon higher than they were one year ago.

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