Google alters burger emoji, with cheese atop the patty

WHEW, Google fixed the burger emoji in Android 8.1

Google has fixed the hamburger emoji in Android 8.1

And now, it seems like the cheeseburger emoji debate has been taken care of.

After a long wait, Google has fixed the construction of its burger emoji illustration and placed the cheese in its correct place - on the top of the patty. But for now, I think the forgiving process can begin. Emojis are, however, not the only changes in Android 8.1 Developer Preview 2.

It was provoked by Twitter user Thomas Baekdal, who tweeted a screen shot of Apple and Google's burger emojis side by side, raising questions over where the cheese should go. The emoji used in Android had the cheese slice placed at the last, something which was incorrect. They're also correcting a couple of emojis that have bothered some people because as we all know by now, emojis are serious business. It even shows how the emoji looks like in different platforms and cellphones like Samsung, LG, Apple, Nexus and others. It got intense to the point when Google CEO Sundar Pichai himself got involved, promising that they would drop everything to look into that matter (that was a joke if you didn't get it).

WHEW, Google fixed the burger emoji in Android 8.1

The world took issue with the company's burger arrangement - cheese was put between the meat and bottom bun - sparking debate about how a good burger is arranged.

According to Emojipedia, which first reported the change, other impending emoji updates include "beer" and "beers", soon to feature a full stein instead of a half-poured draught; as well as "cheese", which corrects a bug that places a line through holes on the edge of the wedge. The new version will also replace the original version of Google's cheeseburger emoji that had the sitting cheese underneath the patty. Later, Google also served "Android burgers" to its employees at its Seattle office.

Twitter, too, has transformed its burger from the one that only featured meat and cheese to a revised one with lettuce and tomato in its 2017 burger revision.

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