Google to Estimate Wait Times for Local Restaurants

Google is already showing a lot of information about businesses, from the basics like opening hours through to what their busiest times are.

Google today confirmed that it will give users of its Google Search and Google Maps apps the ability to pull up wait times for restaurants.

As detailed on the Google Blog, the wait times your see aren't going to be exact. By scrolling, you can also see how wait times vary on a day-to-day and hour-by-hour basis. The predictions are cobbled together using Google's cache of "anonymized historical data", the industry's trick for calculating popular times at businesses. As you search for your favorite restaurants in Google, you'll now see estimated wait times along with the busy indicator. The instant insight into wait times is part of a growing trend since Yelp and Nowait partnered earlier this year to deliver similar information. When they're ready to launch on Google Maps and Android, Google also promises to expand the function to include grocery-store listings. A chart in it lists the busiest times at the restaurant while another click shows an estimated wait at a specific time. The information will be available for almost 1 million sit-down restaurants around the globe.

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